Laguna Beach concludes with tears but not much else; season three features LC’s sister

Not that a whole lot happens during a normal episode of Laguna Beach, but last night’s second season finale was basically just a 22-minute excuse to cry.

After the finale, from the TRL studios, Damien said, “That was truly incredible right there, an episode filled with so much drama, so many tears…” The drama part, not so much, but definitely tears. The cast members reminisced, hugged, cried, and drove away, again and again, as we said goodbye to many of them.

After the episode, there was a preview of season three, which is billed as “a new generation of drama.” That new generation is led by LC’s sister and includes a bunch of new people, some of whom look frighteningly overbleached or overmuscled. We also saw a preview of The Hills, the new spin-off series featuring Lauren, which will debut next spring. It included a cameo by Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who’s clearly angling to be the next Atoosa Rubenstein.

Both previews are online at

Laguna Beach [MTV]