Politicians demand Australian Idol contestant be reinstated after he lost by 27 votes

An Australian Idol contestant Dan England was eliminated from the show after losing by 27 votes, but the country’s premier wants producers to bring him back because his fans didn’t have enough time to vote.

The culprit: Daylight savings time’s start, which meant “voting lines closed an hour earlier in Queensland.”

The Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, told ABC radio in Australia, “we were robbed. I mean Dan was robbed. … I’m asking Channel 10 to wake up to themselves to turn back the clock to Monday and give him a fair go.”

MP Michael Caltabiano took time out of parliament’s apparently busy day and said, “With only 27 votes determining the result, it must be asked: If Queensland had daylight saving, would Dan still be in the race to become the Australian Idol?”

But a spokesperson for Ten said Dan was finished: “Dan is now out of the competition and has got an agent.”

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