Subservient Donald is a product of the Writers Guild’s product placement campaign

In addition to suing networks and producers and interrupting meetings, the Writers Guild is now making Donald Trump their bitch.

As part of their campaign to unionize reality editors and “writers,” the WGAw has launched a Product Invasion campaign, which protests manipulation of footage for the sake of product placement. Their web site details several examples of editors being forced to change episodes to please advertisers. For example, on Battle of the Sexes II, Verizon demanded editors “substitute different interview bites in for the ones they didn’t approve.”

Their campaign is spreading virally with Subservient Donald. Like the Burger King chicken on which it’s modeled, you can tell Donald to do funny things and he’ll comply. (A reader writes with some favorite commands: fly, show me your chest, and yawn. Try them.) A number of the commands cause him to whore products, which is a quasi-subtle jab at product placement, although one that seems organic enough.

Although the Subservient Donald site has its own domain name, it’s actually brought to you by the Writers Guild of America, west, which is coordinating the reality writers campaign and the product placement campaign. The ownership is obvious if you click the links at the bottom of the page.

But who’s going to do that while you’re making The Donald fart?

Subservient Donald and Product Invasion [WGAw]