Bravo’s reality series are the top three most attentively watched reality shows

IAG Research examined cable television shows to see which ones people watched most attentively–that is, which shows people watched while clipping their toenails, and which ones they forgot to blink while watching. The results found that Bravo had the top three most attentively watched reality shows on all channels.

Those shows were the now-cancelled Project Greenlight, Showdog Moms and Dads, and Blow Out. According to a Bravo press release, they were “[t]he top three reality series of the 2004-2005 broadcast season that had the highest measurement for program attentiveness (in which viewers are more likely to recall specific program details than any of the 250 primetime reality shows scheduled on broadcast and cable primetime among all measured viewers).” Tragically, those narcissists at Bravo don’t tell us how the other shows ranked, and IAG has no information on their site.

Bravo tells us, however, that the study also found “that the Unscripted/Reality genre provided a huge advantage in terms of measuring brand opinion improvement, and was more than 50% better than scripted program formats.” In other words, product placement works.

Bravo’s Viewers are Paying Attention [Bravo press release]