Lisa Loeb gets E! series; Jennifer Lopez talking to MTV about producing a show

The Hollywood Reporter has news this morning of two new music industry-themed reality shows: Lisa Loeb has scored an E! series, while Jennifer Lopez is reportedly in talks with MTV to produce a series.

Fresh off of her guest appearance on The Colbert Report, Lisa Loeb and her funky eyeglasses will be followed by cameras “as she moves back to New York and starts dating again for the first time since college.” The show is called #1 Single; its eight episodes will air on E!. A network VP tells the paper that the show will be interesting because Loeb “is experiencing the same thing that many single professional people her age today are learning, which is how challenging it can be to find someone to share their hectic and sometimes complicated lives.”

Meanwhile, Lopez’s “production company, Nuyorican Prods., is in discussions with MTV to produce an untitled music reality series project that follows the lives of several dancers in Los Angeles who are following in Lopez’s footsteps trying to make it in the business,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. She’d serve as executive producer, although it’s not clear if she’d pull a Tyra and appear as part of the series.

Loeb, E! to show way it really is and The Vine: Lopez steps out with MTV series [Hollywood Reporter]