Bobby Brown says he did a reality show because “I need money”

Bobby Brown, who’s apparently still waiting for Bravo to offer a second season of Being Bobby Brown, says he did the first season for the paycheck.

Specifically, “It was like, ‘Yo, I have child support. I need money,'” he tells the Boston Herald. But it turned out to also benefit his family in other ways, he says. “We get to look at ourselves and see what’s wrong with ourselves, within ourselves. We’re able to critique each other without an argument.”

The show’s popularity has led Bobby Brown to head back into the recording studio and go on tour, although so far he’s only performed three times so far, and is waiting for more gigs. He says he understands why that’s the case. “Everyone wanted to see whether I was going to show up or not, whether I was going to be Bobby. (Thursday) night (in Atlantic City), they saw I will show up and I will be Bobby and I’ll put my heart and soul into it,” he said.

Maybe one day he’ll show up and be Whitney. That’d be funny.

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