Paula Abdul is “excited” about the “male talent” on American Idol 5

Paula Abdul has been busy promoting American Idol 5 and the release of the best and worst DVDs. She tells that this upcoming season is “going to be the best, because we have some of the best singers.”

Paula also says she’s “excited” about the “male talent” this year, which probably caused at least one FOX executive to have a stroke. “The male talent we have, I’m really excited about. It’s different. It’s just all-over-the-map different. Different styles and I’m excited about it,” she says.

Paula also has a fun moment in an interview with TV Guide. Answering a question about bad singers, she says that those singers “think we’re delusional.” But then her next answer reveals that she apparently has no idea what the word delusional means, or is perhaps just not paying attention to the question, as she switches from talking about the judging to the relationships between the judges. Here’s the full exchange:

TV Guide: Why do guys like the cringe-worthy moments?
Abdul: Because it’s real when you see [a bad singer] who has that angry look on their face that says to the judges, “How dare you say I’m bad?” You know they truly think we’re delusional.

TV Guide: Are you all delusional?
Abdul: We’re dysfunctional, a dysfunctional family. I’m the nurturing mom, Simon is the disapproving father and Randy is just the cool brother.

Paula Abdul Relives Idol’s Best and Worst [TV Guide]