American Idol best and worst DVDs released today

Four seasons of American Idol highlights and lowlights are captured in three new DVDs released today. Previously, the only Idol-related DVD was a first-season compilation, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar.

For the optimists who enjoy the series’ heartwarmning success stories, there’s American Idol: The Best of Seasons 1-4, and for those who just like to mock delusional people, there’s American Idol: The Worst of Seasons 1-4. A limited edition, 570-minute set contains both DVDs plus a third bonus disc that includes an interview with interview with Paula Abdul.

The Philadelphia Daily News’ Ellen Gray says the three-disc set is “a little heavy on both the ‘worst’ and on Paula Abdul,” but that it “contains some of the best performances of the first four seasons.” She also says that the extras are lame, such as an interview with a producer: “Sample: Executive producer Ken Warwick, asked why the show’s such a sensation, replies that’s it’s because ‘America’s in control.’ Riveting stuff, that.”

Get your fill of ‘Idol’ from new DVD set [Philadelphia Daily News]