Corey Clark rumored to be on next Surreal Life

Paula Abdul’s accuser and American Idol 2 opportunist Corey Clark is rumored to be a member of the The Surreal Life 6 cast.

According to Page Six, Corey “is the ‘secret’ guest in ‘The Surreal Life’ house next season with Alexis Arquette, which just finished filming.” Page Six’s source says, ambiguously, “Alexis has been blabbing about Corey all over town.”

There have already been multiple reports about the identity of the reality TV “hunk” that the rest of the cast would vote into the house. Corey doesn’t quite fit into the “hunk” category, but Page Six’s report would suggest that he is the one voted in (“‘secret’ guest”), which would contradict Maven’s assertion that he’s the one. Ah, rumors.

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