Key West cast photographed at West Palm club; photo being auctioned on eBay

Despite the best efforts of their handlers, the Real World Key West‘s trip to Palm Beach to escape hurricane Rita was not exactly inconspicuous. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the day after the Florida Keys were evacuated, the cast was photographed at the Resort Lounge and Nightclub in West Palm, as alert reader J.P. noticed.

In its “Party Pictures” photo gallery, the club captions its Sept. 20 pictures with not one but three exclamation points: “Resort welcomes the cast of MTV’s The Real World ‘Key West’!!!” There are no cameras or even mics present in the photos. And tragically, they’re not labeled, so it’s difficult to tell which people are the cast members and which people are those who are just trying to hook up with the cast members.

Elsewhere, someone is auctioning off a photographs two cast members on eBay. The auction is supposedly to help someone raise money for Fantasy Fest, Key West’s annual Halloween-time celebration. The starting bid is $150, or you can just buy for $250, and for that you get a “Passion Gift Set by Elizabeth Taylor with 10 FREE photos of Real World Key West MTV cast members uncensored.” The auction ends tonight; no one has bid so far.

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