Apprentice 5 taping in and around New York City

The Apprentice 5 is currently taping in the New York City area.

Last Wednesday, crews and contestants were at the Sam’s Club in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The candidates were apparently selling upgrades to memberships for the shopping club.

And there was more producer intervention going on. As 17-year-old Mike “Horvarth was about to be approached by an ‘apprentice,’ the ‘mean’ man [a director] intervened, telling the ‘contestant’ find another shopper.” Horvath tells the Home News Tribune, “Maybe because we’re young or something. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t buy memberships.”

Those who were approached were asked to sign releases, and the paper reports that there was a “big sign outside of the entrance, informing those thinking of entering the store there was filming going on.”

On Sunday, a reality blurred reader reports that he saw the candidates in Times Square, where they were apparently whoring a product that may be Gillette’s new five-blade razor. He writes:

“They were all in bath robes and handing out flyers asking to send a text message. You would then receive info on a new technology called Blade 5. When I asked the young woman if they were from The Apprentice, she replied that they couldn’t say but to please do the text message. I also saw another girl in a bathrobe sitting on the curb being interviewed and she was saying there were only 2 hours left to do the task.”

“Apprentice” film crew at Sam’s [Home News Tribune]

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