Trump blames “confusion” and Martha’s version for low Apprentice 4 ratings; says he “never thought it was a good idea”

Donald Trump says that “confusion” between The Apprentice 4 and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart “hurt” his version of the series.

He told ABC Radio, “The numbers are still good. I think there was confusion between Martha’s ‘Apprentice’ and mine. Mine continues to do well, and as you know, the other one has struggled severely.”

Of course, as usual, he’s completely full of crap. Dear Donald, the words “continue” and “still good” would make sense had your series not debuted with its lowest ratings ever.

Trump adds that the two series were too similar and that affected the ratings. “I think it [Stewart’s show] probably hurt mine and I sort of predicted that it would, because there was a lot of confusion in the world,” he said.

Ever the consummate liar salesman, Trump is already talking up The Apprentice 5. “We’re shooting it as we speak and it’ll be very interesting. I think it’s a very good show,” he told ABC.

Update: On Don Imus’ show this morning, Trump went into Martha-bashing overdrive. “I was never in favor of it,” he said four times, according to Business Week’s David Kiley. Trump also said, “I never thought it was a good idea” and “NBC Entertainment and production chief] Jeff Zucker never liked what he saw.”

Funny how time changes things. Last February Trump said, “As an executive producer, I’ll be rooting for amazing ratings but most of all, I hope she has as much fun as I do with this venture.”

Trump Blames Martha Stewart for Ratings Slide [ABC News]

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