Phil says Amazing Race’s “biggest fans” are families; Family edition will leave the US

Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan talks to The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan, and says that the current family edition is perfect for the series because “the reality is that the biggest fans of the show are families, so why not let them run the race?” He adds:

“And I think it’s an opportunity for us to speak to that core audience who love our show, the family, and maybe to bring on some new people, who are attracted by the idea of [a] family [edition]. I don’t think we’re going to put off people who love the race. They’re still getting their race. It’s just that I think maybe we’ve broadened the appeal. I think it was a smart move, especially right now, there’s a lot of talk of family [in the culture].”

Why are the families driving around the east coast right now instead of jetting off to another country? Phil says, “Part of that was just to throw off the teams, because the teams are just expecting that they’re going to be on a plane going overseas. That was another thing we put in there. We’re always trying to change it.”

But he promises that “it’s not just America. It’s an international show still. It’s the race.”

An interview with Phil Keoghan of “The Amazing Race” [The Watcher]