Jeff Probst confirms his contract is up; Survivor considers how to respond to Guatemala mudslides

Survivor host Jeff Probst confirmed that his contract expires at the end of the next season, correcting reports that suggested he would retire after this season.

So will he retire at the end of next season? Jeff offers a great non-answer answer, telling the AP, “There’s the inevitable point where you go, ‘Do I want to do other things?’ But … I’ll never have as good a job as ‘Survivor.'”

Meanwhile, producers are considering how or if Survivor Guatemala should “acknowledge on-air their host country’s suffering in the wake of devastating mudslides,” Variety reports. Hundreds are dead and as many as 1,500 might have been killed.

As Variety notes, “with the show shining a spotlight on the Central American country, a message or tag at the end of the show could help jumpstart relief efforts for the ailing nation — particularly as most news orgs focus on the earthquake devastation in Pakistan.”

Variety also reports that, in Guatemala, “there’s a dark joke making the rounds locally: ‘Everybody’s now a ‘Survivor’ in Guatemala.'”

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