Survivor’s Brian is not gay: “I’m not confused; I know I don’t like men”

Survivor Guatemala queen bee Brian, who was voted out last week, tells TV Guide that he is completely heterosexual. “I’m not confused; I know I don’t like men,” he says.

The gayest straight man to ever be on the show, Brian says, “I don’t exude masculinity and I am completely willing to admit that I have traits that are probably more associated with women than men — I talk with my hands, and quickly. Amy was the chief one saying, ‘You don’t know it yet, but you’re gay.'”

He adds that some of his fellow cast members were “quick to associate a lack of masculinity with homosexuality. Amy and I are much different people in that she’s more masculine than I am. [Another] difference is that Amy’s very crass, very rude at times. Brazen, aggressive, abrasive. [As a cop] she works with a lot of testosterone-driven people and my parents would always take us to theaters, and to the library to read books.”

While he doesn’t list Men’s Health among his favorite reading material, Brian’s favorite sport is racquetball and one of his favorite actresses is Nicole Kidman.

So, since he’s so straight, which chick does he want to bang the most? “Brooke was actually my favorite. She’s exactly the kind of girl I could see myself with. She’s intelligent, articulate and has a sense of humor. I really liked Brooke a lot. It’s too bad we weren’t on the same team, actually,” Brian says.

Brian also comes out and admits that he wasn’t responsible for Blake being voted off, despite what the editing suggested. “Gary and Amy had sold me out way before and I didn’t know about it. Gary and Amy had gone to Danni and Bobby Jon and said, ‘Listen, if you get rid of Blake [on night 14], we’ll give you Brian next time.'”

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