Third Laguna Beach season will follow new and old kids, and may include school footage

For the third season of Laguna Beach, expect more of the same. That is, a focus on both familiar cast members and the introduction of new surgically enhanced faces.

Executive producer Tony DiSanto tells the New York Post, “The idea is since these kids who live there go off to college, they come home occasionally so it will be similar to this [second] season in that you’ll see a lot of familiar faces coming through, but the story will focus on a whole new batch of high school juniors and seniors.”

In addition, it’s possible we could see some footage from their lives at school. Perhaps surprisingly, they do attend classes. You may recall that Janet Jackson’s breast led the local school board to deny producers permission to film at the school.

However, DiSanto says, “I would be open to discussions. After season one we decided to stay out of the school so as not to disrupt education and classes. Maybe now there is an opportunity to get into the school for a couple of key events, a sporting event would be great.”

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