E! planning second Kill Reality; upcoming DVD has “a pronounced porno feel”

E! is planning a second season of its hit reality show Kill Reality, which will officially conclude with the airing of the film The Scorned on Halloween. The next day, the DVD will be released, and that DVD will contain material not suitable for TV, from nudity in the film to pornographic outtakes from the cast’s time in the house.

According to Radar, on the DVD, “explicit scenes from [Johnny] Fairplay’s round-robin frolics with Real World alumnae Tonya Cooley and Trishelle Cannatella (with Road Rules’s Katie Doyle occasionally subbing in) give the DVD a pronounced porno feel.”

An insider tells the magazine that “The girls have denied it, but we have the outtakes–and the hidden microphones don’t lie. You can hear Trishelle literally begging for all kinds of kinky sex. She’s moaning, ‘I have to have it! I need it!'” A different source says that Trishelle is “furious that the whole thing will be put out on the DVD.”

However, at least one person ssociated with the production is laughing. Someone close to the production tells Radar, “All the girls ended up getting naked in the movie. It’s really amazing, they want $30,000 to $40,000 a day to pose for Playboy, but we got them to do it for $200 a day, scale!”

As a result of all this, some of the cast are reportedly embarrassed and are trying to stay away from being associated with the show. “The ratings for Kill Reality were so good there was talk of a reunion show, but now everyone refuses to be in the same room with the others,” a source tells Radar.

Kill Reality: Vol. 2 (Director’s Cut) [Radar]

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