Directors Guild creates reality TV directing award

The Directors Guild of America has created an award to recognize outstanding directing in reality series. The award will only be available to those shows that are “produced under a DGA Agreement”–in other words, those shows that are unionized (apparently more than 90 shows so far). Winners of the first award will be announced in late January.

In a press release, DGA president Michael Apted said, “It is time to publicly acknowledge the director’s role in reality television and to recognize, with a DGA Award, the outstanding directorial achievements of DGA members who work in this genre.”

The DGA’s announcement details how it works with reality shows; Apted says, “Ours has been a grassroots, show-by-show approach to the issue. Although organizing reality television is not easy and we have our work cut out for us, we’ve seen some real progress. Since the start of our organizing campaign, we’ve signed over 90 shows.”

DGA Announces New Reality Television Award [DGA]