Fear Factor lets viewers select couple that will appear on a future show

Fear Factor is letting viewers play casting director. One of 10 couples will be selected by an Internet vote to appear on an upcoming (presumably couples-focused) episode. The NBC show will return midseason, or perhaps sooner, if NBC ends up cancelling a show (Martha, ahem).

One of the couples, Tanya and Jim Ryno, may seem familiar. That’s because they’ve been campaigning via a blog to get casting directors to notice them. Apparently, it worked, and even the coupe seems surprised, headlining their latest post, “It’s a 1st! This Blog Actually Worked!!” The bio NBC wrote for them taunts Internet people to vote for them: “They started a lot of buzz on the Internet with a blog asking for support to get on Fear Factor. Will you online fans vote them on the show?”

The whole thing is sponsored by Burger King, as it’s officially called the “Have it Your Way Fear Factor contest.” Apparently, someone forgot to mention to the good folks at Burger King that Fear Factor involves eating food that makes the contestants vomit until their large intestine is dry, which might not be the type of association of fast food chain would desire.

Have it Your Way Fear Factor contest [NBC]