Big Brother renewed for seventh season

And we can relax: Big Brother will return in eight months for a seventh season.

Although the show has been looking for cast members for a while, the show wasn’t officially renewed. However, CBS has now greenlit the seventh season. Variety notes that “CBS usually waits until winter to finalize a decision on a pickup,” and producers are thrilled.

“This is the earliest we’ve gotten a renewal,” executive producer Arnold Shapiro said. His producing partner Allison Grodner says “This gives us a lot more time to plan for and work on ‘Big Brother 7,'” so they can find even more inane ways to screw with the houseguests’ minds.

Neither would comment on the possibility of an all-star season; instead, Grodner said, cryptically, “There are still things we can do to surprise the audience.”

They won’t be surprising us with a new host, as Julie Chen will return in all of her robotic, idiotic glory.

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