Some in Fantasia’s hometown angry with her description of their community

Fantasia Barrino’s memoir, Life is Not a Fairy Tale, describes her hometown, High Point, NC, as “a depressing place for anyone who is not a furniture store owner” and the “Land of the Dead.”

Those furniture store owners are pissed off, and have created a web site to fight back. The subtly titled is all about the “Lies Fantasia Barrino Told about the community that supported her!” Among other things, the site challenges her characterization of the house she grew up in.

The site also includes a blog that poses questions such as, “Should Fantasia be stripped of her American Idol Title?” and offers open debate on those topics.

The web sites creators, 29-year-old Kyle Sandler and 26-year-old Jennifer English, tell the AP that signs announcing High Point’s connection to Fantasia should be removed. Kyle says, “I can see people driving in to (the furniture) market saying, ‘Ha ha ha. Fantasia hates them but look at the signs saying ‘Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino.”

The town’s mayor says, “There’s a lot more serious things happening right now than Fantasia’s signs.”
Couple seeks removal of Fantasia signs [AP]