Fantasia: “I’m not illiterate,” “of course I can write”

After media reports about her book noted that she was illiterate, Fantasia is correcting the record. Ironically enough, it seems that some people didn’t actually read her book before reporting about it.

Telling Jet magazine about the ads 20/20 ran for a segment about her book, Fantasia says, “When it first came on it was like, big secrets you have not learned about Fantasia. She can’t read or write. I was like huh? That’s not in my book.”

She adds that, in Life is Not a Fairy Tale, “I don’t say that I can’t read or I can’t write, I say I have trouble — that I’m not a strong reader. But I can write. Of course I can write. … I’m not illiterate. I just have some struggles and some situations that I’m not strong in.”

Fantasia Barrino Now Says She’s Not Illiterate []