Park Gillespie running for Congress; Keith not permitted to speak at the Millions More march

Two of American Candidate‘s finalists are, a year later, still involved in politics.

Winner Park Gillespie is running for Congress in South Carolina, and if he wins the primary, he’d challenge Democrat John Spratt in the fifth district. However, Park is already facing opposition from his own party. The primaries are more than a half a year away, “but the state GOP already endorsed a candidate,” according to the AP.

Park, who announced his candidacy two months ago, said he’s not leaving the race. “It’s an interesting situation. … The people ultimately have to be the ones to do the vetting.”

Keith Boykin, who served as runner-up Malia’s running mate, said he was offered the opportunity to speak at this Saturday’s Millions More Movement in Washington. He was representing the National Black Justice Coalition, an organization that represents black gays and lesbians. According ot the Washington Post, “Boykin and two other leaders said they thought they had worked out their role after a meeting Wednesday with Wilson and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The meeting ended with hugs from Farrakhan and what they said was an offer to Boykin to speak during the Unity Tapestry section of the program.”

Instead, Keith wasn’t allowed to speak. “It’s a tragedy that one person stuck in the past can prevent our community from moving forward,” he told the Post. March director Rev. Willie F. Wilson said Keith “straight-out lied. There were certain conditions that he had to meet in order to speak, and he did not.”

Keith has posted his version of events, and the full text of his speech, on his web site.

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