Surreal Life 6’s “reality hunk” revealed (maybe)

Since the most famous members of the recently announced cast of The Surreal Life 6 were both stars of sitcoms that aired 30 years ago, we clearly need at least one person who will be recognizable to the MTV generation. (Well, the new MTV generation, since the original is now pushing 40.)

Anyway, the reality TV show cast member slot is going to be filled by a “reality hunk” who the other cast members will vote into the house. That person, according to a report on The Real World/Road Rules Blog, is Ace, aka Clyde Daryn Amerson, from The Real World Paris. Update: Shortly after posting that item, the site retracted their statement, noting that Ace had just participated in the process.

Update: There’s now word of another possiblity: Maven from Tough Enough. And RealityBBQ reports that (highlight again) Big Brother’s Scott Long is taping the show.

In other words, even though all three men may have been up for consideration, no one has any freaking idea who actually made it into the house.