Simple Life 5 reportedly borrowing Wife Swap’s format

Despite the fact that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are a, FOX is proceeding with a fourth season of The Simple Life. That’s been complicated by the fact that, while the franchise has devolved into complete fake, scripted absurdity, the girls stopped talking to one another, and now refuse to be around each other.

Thus, and after playing with different ideas, producers have decided to just rip off the format of ABC’s Wife Swap. According to MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls, Paris and Nicole will “be surrogate moms in strange households. A casting call has gone out to find families willing to be filmed.”

Walls quotes a source who says producers are specifically:

“looking for dads who are likely to make a play for Paris or Nicole. They’re saying they’re willing to pay the families ‘a substantial’ amount of money for two days of shooting and that African-American families are a plus. I think it’s just because they already have some white families and they want to be multicultural.”

Update: Defamer reports that producers are also actively seeking a lesbian couple that would like to host the two socialites. The show is offering $2,500 for two days of production.

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