Real World Key West cast will open a tanning salon, relocated to Palm Beach for Rita

Rather than screw up somebody else’s business, the next Real World cast will open its own business in Key West, reality blurred has exclusively learned.

That business, sources tell reality blurred, will be a tanning salon and swim shop. Producers have been actively looking for merchandise that will be featured in the store, telling companies that their merch will get television exposure. I also heard that the storefront being considered right now is a tiny 14′ by 12′ space.

The previous Florida-set season, The Real World Miami, also involved the cast opening a business, although it was pretty much a failure before it even started. How much involvement this cast will have in actually opening and running the business is unknown right now; perhaps, like previous seasons, they’ll show up to work for a few hours in between binge drinking sessions.

First, though, the cast will have to return to the Keys, as they’ve been evacuated due to Hurricane Rita. While I was unable to get confirmation, Digital Spy has a source who told the publication “the cast have moved to West Palm Beach, around 250 miles North of the Keys. The duration of their stay is unknown.”

‘Real World’ cast forced to flee Hurricane Rita [Digital Spy]