Pontiac encourages fans to stalk cast members as part of its creepy new Survivor promotion

Pontiac is using Survivor Guatemala to pitch its newest SUV, the Torrent, by encouraging fans to stalk former cast members and play paparazzi, photographing them as they drive around various cities. Six former cast members will be consuming a gallon of unleaded gas for every 18 or 19 city miles they drive in their new SUV, hoping to attract fans like mosquitoes to an electrified blue light.

Those available for stalking include Rupert Boneham (Illinois and Indiana), Erin Collins (Texas), Rob Mariano (New England and Florida), Jerri Manthey (California), Gervase Peterson (New Jersey and Pennsylvania), and Ethan Zohn (New York State). More details about exactly where they’ll be are included in the cast members’ blogs, where Gervase already reports being followed for 10 minutes by a woman looking to take his picture. Are they so desperate to feel like real celebrities that they’re willing to let fans be encouraged to play paparazzi?

The fan whose photo is selected at random wins not one but five Torrents, a vehicle that will show up on the show, because “Pontiac is the sole automotive sponsor of Survivor: Guatemala–The Maya Empire on CBS,” Brandweek reports.

Oh, how this makes one long for the days when Jeff Probst just pimped Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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