Survivor Africa’s Carl needed a newspaper’s help to get his cable installed

If you think appearing on a reality show will make you more famous than you’d ever imagined you could be, think again.

Here’s an example: Carl Bilancione, who was the third person to be voted off of Survivor Africa, cannot get his cable installed. While you’d think he’d be able to throw his reality TV weight around to get the cable company to connect him, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, he had to write to a columnist at the Orlando Sentinel, writing, “This is Carl from Survivor: Africa. I only mention this because it was easier surviving Africa than surviving the incompetence and lack of service from Bright House Networks.”

Columnist Greg Dawson resolved the problem for him, although not without a little quasi-celebrity slam: “I figured anyone smart and resourceful enough to be chosen for Survivor would be able to wire his own house for cable, but I am honored to help.”

Not so Bright House: Workers failed to deliver cable service [Orlando Sentinel]