Bravo wants a second season of Kathy Griffin’s show but hasn’t come up with the cash yet

Bravo wants to tape a second season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, but so far, Kathy hasn’t said yes. She tells the Windy City Times that it’s because of money–and because production on the first season lasted three months longer than it was supposed to.

Kathy also reveals that she wasn’t thrilled with the six-episode, hour-long series; she wanted 12 half-hour episodes, but Bravo went with the longer format and shorter run instead.

Here’s her full response to the interviewer’s question about the possibility of a second season:

“OK, here’s what happened. When we were filming it was a nightmare–it really was because they were supposed to only film for two months and, you know, the cameras are in the house 10 days straight and they ended up going FIVE MONTHS. I kept trying to get Bravo to do 12 half-hour shows instead of six hour-long episodes to let it catch on–like Bobby Brown, except not as much crack. So they were asking me if they wanted to do Season Two and I just said, “No” because it was so difficult, but I gotta be honest, now that I see the end result, even though a lot of it’s humiliating, I do think it’s a funny show. They want to do a Season Two but they haven’t come up with the cash–and you know me with the cash …”

Kathy will be back on TV this Sunday for the Emmys pre-show, but she has been banished to an even more remote location than the media bridge. She tells the paper, “I’ve been demoted to the Booth. … Star Jones is in the No. 1 position. Carson Kressley has my old job–who I love and I can see that, he’s gonna be great–but I’m in a booth and I’m not allowed to talk to one single celebrity or be on the red carpet?”

By the way, if you’re wondering how a D-list star was able to afford that fantastic house, USA TODAY reports that Kathy used her Celebrity Mole winnings. She explains, “Each contestant got $25,000 and a really fancy trip to Hawaii. Every day you lasted, you got another five grand.” That’s in addition to the $233,000 prize.

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