Situation Comedy voting ends tonight

Bravo airs the penultimate episode of Situation: Comedy tonight at 7 p.m. ET, and voting will close just before midnight. After I linked to two different reviews of the pilot presentations yesterday, one of the writers of one of the pilots–who shall remain nameless–sent an e.mail message saying that I “slammed both Situation Comedyt [sic] pilots.” I’m not going to back down from my own criticism, but a link doesn’t certainly doesn’t constitute endorsement.

Anyway, as I’d planned to do, I just watched the two presentations. And, well, my colleagues B-Side, of TVgasm, and Frazier Moore, of the AP, pretty much said it all. The days of the multi-camera sit-com centered on an outrageous premise rather than a simple one seem to be, thankfully, over. Are there still people who genuinely wonder why reality TV has more buzz and often more viewers than traditional sitcoms?

In “The Sperm Donor,” the jokes are occasionally wry but the acting is pretty damn awful. It’s forced and awkward, just like the laugh track/audience laughter that follows the more obvious jokes. (Lesbian jokes? Seriously?) The acting and the physical comedy definitely saves “Stephen’s Life,” as do the interstitial interviews–without the forced laugh track, they’re even funnier. But I agree with B-Side that the premise could get old quickly.

Based upon these two 15-minute shows alone, I doubt I’d watch either show. But watch them and make up your own mind.

Situation: Comedy: Vote now [AOL]