America’s Choice returns yet again tonight, but this time, houseguests may get to vote

Another America’s Choice question will be asked tonight on Big Brother 6, and this one is unbelievable.

It’s unbelievable because two weeks ago today, I joked about possible questions for that evening’s America’s Choice. Here’s what I wrote:

Or will be able to vote for one of the houseguests to have a walk-on role on Two and a Half Men?

Want to guess what we’ll be voting for tonight? Yes, according to a CBS press release, the winner of the third America’s Choice poll will “leave the Big Brother house and spend the day on the set of the hit comedy series TWO AND A HALF MEN.” Alas, the winner won’t actually be on the show; they’ll just get to watch a taping. Still, for the record, I was kidding.

The most unusual part of America’s Choice, though, is that, while the press release says the question “will put the power back into the hands of the viewers,” it also says that “BIG BROTHER 6 houseguests and viewers will get the chance to cast their ballot for their favorite remaining Houseguest.” Will the sequestered houseguests also vote? Will those in the house get weighted votes, or be able to text message their votes? Or did someone just make an error while writing the press release?

The results will air as part of Saturday’s episode, so the visit will most likely take place tomorrow.

The Ultimate Fall Premiere Crossover! [CBS press release]