Wife Swap pays $20,000 to each family

Ever wonder why a family would go on Wife Swap, subjecting its young ones to life. I mean, other than for the “experience”? A casting notice posted on Boing Boing has the answer: “All participating families receieve a $20,000 honorarium fee.”

The show contacted the blog because they’re “specifically looking to have a very techno-savvy family on the show — where both parents and their children are into the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.” They want “families who apply consist of two parents that have at least two children, over the age of 5, living at home.”

The show is looking for other families, too, and is in the middle of a number of open casting calls. This past weekend, producers were at the Disney-MGM Studios theme part in Orlando and at a mall in New York; they’ll be in a number of other locations shortly.

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