Janice quit Top Model over money; Surreal Life creator didn’t think Janice and Omarosa “would really so completely hate each other”

The reality TV cat fight of the century is underway on The Surreal Life 5, where Janice Dickinson and Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth are butting heads. The co-creator of the show, Mark Cronin, tells The New York Times that producers “didn’t anticipate […] that they would really so completely hate each other.”

Why did Janice agree to do the show? “For 12 days of work I made enough to pay for two years of my daughter’s private school education,” she says. And money, she says, is also the reason why she quit America’s Next Top Model. “I think I was asking for too much,” Janice told the Times.

Omarosa tries to save face a little, since she’s come off as one of the most normal people in the house, especially next to Janice. She tries to remind us that she can be bitchy: “I am tough. I’ve got a bit of an attitude problem. There’s no secret there. Being a naughty girl is part of me, but that’s not all of me.”

Finally, Cronin revealed an interesting piece of information. “Every single person that has done ‘The Surreal Life’ has initially passed on the project,” he said.

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