House located; neighbor sues to shut down Real World Key West production

The Real World Key West house has been located, and it’s at 32 Driftwood Drive in Key Haven, just east of Key West.

But the cast’s next door neighbors aren’t happy about the production. Ed and Nancy Swift “filed a lawsuit last week, asking for an injunction to keep R.W. Productions Inc. from videotaping next door to their Key Haven home,” the Key West Citizen reports.

The lawsuit says, in part,

“The filming of a reality television series in Key Haven is an abnormal activity and out of place with the surroundings of a residential neighborhood. The constant commotion and noise that will emanate from the subject property, once the cast of ‘The Real World’ arrives and filming begins, will be plainly heard on plaintiffs’ property and prevent plaintiffs and their family from enjoying normal daily activities including sleeping, relaxing, reading, working and quiet conversation and would be a source of discomfort, distress and inconvenience to any person of normal sensibilities. The noise will, if permitted, cause serious and irreparable injury to the comfort and health of plaintiffs and their children.”

The show’s neighbors also have a problem with the exterior lighting, “which lit up the surrounding area like a sports stadium,” and the number of cars parked next door. However, the production “still plan[s] to come to the Keys.”

The Swifts run the Conch Tour Trains and Old Town Trolleys in Key West, and the Key West Citizen reports that others “have long complained about commercialization of the historic district, including what they consider an intrusion that Swift and his partners brought to Old Town with their trains and trolleys.”

Real litigation: Tour mogul takes reality show to court [Key West Citizen]