Real World Austin women are in Stuff; Trishelle and Tonya appear on Playboy

A bunch of ex-Real World women are baring some or all of their bodies this month.

Using Kill Reality as a hook, Playboy online is offering nude pictures [NSFW; duh] of “vixens Trishelle Cannatella and Tonya Cooley.” Trying to identify which picture is of which woman is difficult, because their faces both look like they were molded out of plastic, and they only slightly resemble their televised selves. Oh, Photoshop.

Considerably less airbrushed and wearing a lot more clothing are the four women from The Real World Austin, who appear in Stuff this month. Johanna, Lacey, Melinda, Rachel are in this month’s edition, wearing underwear and awkward smiles. Stuff’s web site has a group photo and an individual shot of each, plus brief Q&As with each cast member.

+ Update: “a horny 18-year old” writes in to let us know that is just repurposing old photo shoots and using Kill Reality as a hook; our anonymous correspondent says that “Trishelle’s picture is from her DVD and Tonya’s is from being Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month. Nothing new, just re-hashed into an ad.”

See E!’s Kill Reality vixens Trishelle Cannatella and Tonya Cooley all nude in the Playboy Cyber Club [Playboy]

Real World Austin
[Stuff Magazine via TVgasm]