Starting Over shows momentum; producer “hoping this season is a real breakthrough year”

Starting Over is getting ready to begin its third season, and it’ll do so with “some recent momentum: season-to-season growth in key adult female demos, 40 station upgrades and a recent Daytime Emmy win for special-class programming,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jonathan Murray, of the show’s production company Bunim-Murray, says “I’m hoping this season is a real breakthrough year.” He also says that the original plan for the show–a primetime series featuring couples in counseling–wouldn’t have worked as well as the current formula. Why? “Women have always been the best cast members because they are more open and anxious to deal with issues, they aren’t afraid of conflict, and they aren’t afraid to grab life and get the most out of it,” he says.

Still, the third season, which went into production in August, will basically revert to that original formula, as it features a “Relationship Boot Camp.” Couples will live together in the new San Fernando Valley house and go through counseling for three weeks.

But there’s no reason to fret: After the three weeks, the men will leave. According to an NBC press release, “At the conclusion of this series of special episodes that will air during the initial weeks of the season, the couples will leave and six women will enter the STARTING OVER house for a return to the traditional daytime drama that STARTING OVER fans have come to love and expect.”

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