Paula Abdul quits So You Think You Can Dance

Less than three weeks after FOX announced that Paula Abdul would have a “special role” in its new series So You Think You Can Dance, the Idol judge has backed out.

According to the AP, “Her publicist released a statement Friday (Aug. 5) saying Abdul simply doesn’t have enough time, between work on an ‘Idol’ DVD and preparing for the show’s next season to do the new show as well.” The statement said,

“We had not anticipated the time commitment required to successfully produce and appear in the show. It became apparent that her prior commitments … made it impossible to be part of this new show.”

This announcement comes just over a week after FOX said that it had hired an independent counsel to look into Corey Clark’s charges. The results will be made public sometime in the near future.

Paula Abdul will not appear in new series, publicist says [AP]