Fall 2005 reality show schedule

This fall, most of the prime-time network reality TV shows will seem very familiar. The major broadcast networks are all staying with the familiar, bringing back old series but with new twists. There won’t be a single new reality series on a broadcast network, at least at first. (Scripted shows are a different story.)

The most unfamiliar thing will be FOX’s schedule, as the network is not airing a single reality series this fall. Of course, FOX will make up for it in the spring, when it airs roughly 7,512 hours of American Idol 5. Other notable fall changes include the lack of NBC’s Fear Factor.

Below is a list of reality series airing this fall along with their debut date and regular timeslot. Also included are the finales or specials of summer shows that trickle into the fall. This list will be updated frequently, especially as cable networks announce debuts for new and returning series, so check back often.

  • My Fair Brady [VH1, Sept. 11, Sundays at 9:30]
  • Wife Swap [ABC, Sept. 12, Mondays at 8]
  • The Biggest Loser 2 [NBC, Sept. 13, Tuesdays at 8]
  • The Reality Show [MTV, Sept. 13, Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m.]
  • Survivor Guatemala: [CBS, Sept. 15, Thursdays at 8]
  • Starting Over season three: [syndicated, check local listings]
  • Dancing with the Stars: Dance-off: [ABC, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 8:30 p.m.; results Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 p.m.]
  • Big Brother 6 finale: [CBS, Sept. 20, 9 p.m.]
  • The Apprentice: Martha Stewart: [NBC, Sept. 21, Wednesdays at 8]
  • Top Model: [UPN, Sept. 21, Wednesdays at 8, repeated Tuesdays at 8]
  • The Apprentice 4: [NBC, Sept. 22, NBC, Thursdays at 9]
  • Supernanny [ABC, Sept. 23, Fridays at 8]
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition [ABC, Sept. 25, Sundays at 8]
  • The Amazing Race 8 [CBS, Sept. 27, Tuesdays at 9]
  • Making the Band 3, season 2 [MTV, Oct. 6]
  • Project Runway 2 [Bravo, Dec. 7]