Prospective reality show cast members campaigning to be cast via blogs

It’s hard to stand out in the pool of media whores desperate to be cast on a reality show. Just auditioning or sending a video tape doesn’t seem to be enough any more, so some wannabe reality stars are turning to the one place where all media whores eventually end up: the internet, writing a blog.

This isn’t all that new; last season, a singer wrote about her attempt to audition for American Idol 4. And blog Swirlspice has discussed her experience at an Amazing Race open casting call.

But at least two new blogs are not just chronicling their writers’ attempts to be cast on major network reality shows, they’re hoping to play a role in getting their writers cast.

Bloggers and twins Cameron (Cam World) and Damien ( Barrett are using a blog “to try to get CBS’s to consider us as contestants on the show.” Why should we care? They want to race and win, and say their “primary motivation for winning the money is so we can afford to build our mother a wheelchair-accessible house.” They’ve posted the video they made for CBS’ consideration, and ask for your help by, among other things, ” emailing anyone and everyone you know in the television industry.”

Elsewhere, married couple Tanya and Jim Ryno have actually been interviewed and called back as part of their audition for NBC’s Fear Factor. They’ve posted the e.mail address of casting producer Ashton Ramsey, and are asking readers to “send an email … In Subject line write ‘I want Jim & Tanya Ryno’ and in the email don’t forget to write where you are from!” The couple even has a testimonial from Justine Priestley, Jason’s sister.

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