Bravo, TV Guide poll reveals fan favorites

As part of its promotion of the upcoming Battle of the Network Reality Stars, Bravo teamed with TV Guide to poll viewers about their reality TV favorites–and not-so-favorites.

Select results from the poll:

  • The Apprentice‘s Omarosa is easily “the most-hated reality star of all time,” with 50 percent of the vote in that category.
  • On the flipside, American Idol 2‘s Clay Aiken is “the most-loved reality star of all time,” although at 35 percent, he barely edged past Idol‘s Kelly Clarkson, who received 34 percent of the vote.
  • Five years after appearing on TV, Richard Hatch is still in viewers’ minds: He won two categories, the “most likely to cheat to win” and the “reality star [that] would be your first dodgeball target.”
  • Proving that poll respondents were most likely sniffing a lot of glue as they gave their answers, an astonishing 54 percent named Newlyweds‘ Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey the “reality-star couple [you] would … trust to raise your child.” Then again, the other choices weren’t much better: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

The Best and Worst of Reality TV [TV Guide]