NBC’s Meet Mister Mom debuts tonight

NBC forces men to appreciate their partners tonight with its new series, Meet Mister Mom, which kicks off at 8 p.m. ET. As the title suggests, dads are left in charge of their household while mom vacations. On each episode, this actually happens in two homes, with dads and kids left alone together. In the two households, both alike in their lack of dignity, they’ll compete in challenges, and the winner walks away with a prize.

NBC says “The results are funny, heartwarming and something every busy family can relate to!” But The Louisville Courier-Journal’s Tom Dorsey writes that it’s “dull,” “unimaginative,” and “stupid.” There’s a little praise from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that “[t]he beauty of what is otherwise a singularly lame semi-scripted diversion is that the producers are essentially upfront about leaving nothing to chance.”

Meet Mister Mom [NBC]