L.C. working at Teen Vogue for possible Laguna Beach spin-off

Laguna Beach might spin off a reality series set at Teen Vogue, and to test out the idea, L.C. is working in the magazine’s West Coast offices.

Although the magazine declined to confirm or deny this, WWD’s Memo Pad reports that “[s]ources within Condé Nast said this is a test run for a ‘Laguna Beach’ spin-off, though others have said it’s possible the episodes would just be incorporated into the show’s regular season. Whatever form it takes on the small screen, Teen Vogue’s upcoming ‘Young Hollywood’ party and preparations for the event are said to be making up a large portion of the shooting schedule.”

Lauren Conrad “is interning for the magazine” and “is said to be toiling under Vogue senior West Coast editor Lisa Love.” The presence of cameras haven’t been accepted by everyone. WWD says “a receptionist who would not sign a release was evidently replaced by someone less camera-shy.”

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