WGA filing second lawsuit against a network and reality show producer

Earlier, the WGAw sued ABC, CBS, The WB, and TBS and several production companies. Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. PT, the Writers Guild of America West will announce a second lawsuit against a network and a reality show producer. This new “lawsuit charges major broadcasting network and reality TV producer with gross violations of California’s wage and hour laws.” According to a WGAw media advisory, the new “Plaintiffs allege they were instructed to falsify timecards, as well as subjected to violations of overtime laws and 15-hour days with no meal periods.”

Meanwhile, the Producers Guild of America is pissed at “with the WGA’s assertion that editors and producers of reality shows should fall under the guild’s purview,” Variety reports. Basically, the PGA thinks the WGA is trying to classify reality producers into writers. The PGA recently sent a letter to the WGA, saying, in part,

“If indeed you are seeking to redefine the roles and functions listed in your mission statement as those of writers, then you may be courting a strain of chaos for the entire industry.”

PGA irked over WGA’s reality take [Variety]