Victoria Gotti only had a cancer “scare,” and reportedly used the cancer story to promote her show

Victoria Gotti now says she only had a cancer “scare” late last year, not breast cancer, as she told the Daily News Sunday. She says that she had surgery to deal with pre-cancerous cells.

Why would she initially say she had cancer? Apparently to promote the third season of Growing up Gotti, according to Page Six. Her longtime publicist Matthew Rich “quit in disgust on Monday because his best friend’s mother had died of breast cancer, a source told PAGE SIX. Rich was said to be revolted that Victoria would promote the third season of ‘Growing Up Gotti’ by making up such a tearful tall tale.”

Joanna Molloy tells her competition that Victoria told the same story months ago: “Don’t tell me Victoria is shape-shifting the truth again. She told us in January she had breast cancer, and that’s the reason she took a leave of absence from Star magazine. She told us again last week, and we recorded it.”

Victoria ‘Cancer’ Was Tall Tale [Page Six]