Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door debuts tonight

Billed as “the first reality show that takes you inside the Playboy Mansion,” E!’s The Girls Next Door debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Exactly what the eight-episode series is about isn’t clear, but all the show’s audience really needs to know is that it stars “Hef’s three girlfriends–Holly, Bridget and Kendra.” At least we know that it’s impossible to get an STD by just watching TV.

Hugh Hefner himself apparently “makes only cameo appearances” on the show, according to the AP. But it’s infused with his philosophy: “The major message in my life is there isn’t one way to live your life, and we should not be judging if they’re living it a little differently next door — many roads to Mecca. I think, in my own way, I’ve tried to break down the boundaries related to sexuality, related to age, related to gender,” he says.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Ray Richmond says the series is “an oddly unreal collection of sound bites and vignettes” that “is notably shallow and ludicrous” that “even by E! standards … proves a spectacularly brainless excursion.”

The Girls Next Door [E!]