RTVStar.com offers exposure to reality TV casting producers

For $24.99 a year, a new web site is offering a way to get your face in front of multiple reality TV show casting directors. RTVStar.com users create a Friendster-like profile that casting directors who are looking for warm, telegenic bodies can search.

As USA TODAY notes, users “won’t be applying to specific shows, they can specify an interest, such as the dating or travel-adventure genres.” So if you must be on the next season of The Amazing Race, you’ll still need to fill out CBS’s application and follow all of their guidelines.

The site’s founder, Brian Ostrovsky, tells USA TODAY, “Our real value is for those who would like to be (considered for) multiple shows or multiple seasons” or “for shows that haven’t been announced yet.”

In other words, if all you want is camera time, this is the site for you; only the biggest reality TV whores need apply.

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