First jury member will be evicted Saturday night

Those wacky Big Brother 6 producers just announced another twist, although it’s not a huge one. Tonight, after Kaysar or Janelle leaves the house, a new HOH will be selected as usual. But that HOH will have to immediately nominate two people for eviction, and one of them will leave Saturday evening, becoming the first jury member.

CBS is calling this a “double eviction,” but it’s really just two evictions in one week. And there’s no word whether or not there will be a veto competition tomorrow or Saturday. We also don’t know if Julie Chen will stick around to work Saturday night’s eviction, or if producers will just put a Dustbuster on the couch in her place to see if we notice the difference.

The Drama Heats Up On This Week’s “Big Brother 6” As Two Houseguests Fall Victim To The First Double Eviction Of The Season [CBS press release]