CBS has record web site traffic as a result of America’s Choice

CBS’ Big Brother 6 America’s Choice question has resulted in record traffic to the network’s web site. Last Friday, the morning after Julie Chen announced that Kaysar, Eric, or Michael would return to the house after a viewer vote, “ recorded its highest traffic day in 2005 with almost 21 million pageviews,” the network said in a press release.

This weekend, the show’s “site also had record breaking traffic and averaged 17 million pageviews per day.” Perhaps this explains the mixed messages about multiple votes; more voting equals more traffic.

In the same release, the network also announced that, on Friday’s House Calls talk show, viewer questions for the evicted houseguest won’t be read on the air by hosts Gretchen and Marcellas. Instead, “For the first time this season, viewers will be able to speak directly with this week’s evicted houseguest,” the press release says.

America’s Choice Voting on Big Brother 6 Leads to a Record Breaking Weekend for Cbs.Com With Over 57 Million Pageviews [CBS press release]