Rachel leaves; April is HOH; America’s new Choice is lame

It’s Thursday evening, and thus it was time for more insipid questions from Big Brother 6 host Julie Chen. Tonight, she asked Ivette who would play Ivette if a movie was made about the show. My first thought was, “The Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock!” The resemblance is seriously uncanny. Alas, Ivette said she’d want to be played by Jamie-Lynn DiScala–at least, that’s who she probably meant, since she just babbled something about a young female actress on The Sopranos.

Also during the episode, Rachel was evicted after a unanimous vote and April became Head of Houshold. Bor-ring. At least we’ll be saved an hour of tedium this Saturday, as the show will not air again until next Tuesday.

That’s when we’ll find out who won the latest America’s Choice question contest. Instead of voting for something of consequence, we’re asked who should receive a phone call from home. Alas, there isn’t a “none of the above” option.

America’s Choice Poll [CBS]