Multiple votes not permitted for America’s Choice; Marcellas says multiple votes are okay

Multiple votes for the Big Brother 6 America’s Choice question will not be permitted, reality blurred just learned.

Since Julie Chen revealed the stunning, game-changing America’s Choice question last night, viewers have been wondering if they can vote more than once for Kaysar, Michael, or Eric. And the answer from CBS is that multiple votes are not allowed.

Besides this site, plenty of other sites (among them, TVgasm and TVSquad) are campaigning for Kaysar to return. But now we know that voting often, as both sites encourage, will not have an effect, and could possibly hurt your candidate’s chances.

Some have already noted that CBS already has the right to do whatever it wants with the voting. A disclaimer on the voting page says,

All decisions by CBS regarding the vote and the results are final and not subject to challenge or appeal.

Update: Reportedly, Marcellas said on CBS’ House Calls program today that multiple votes are permitted, so apparently somewhere inside the CBS machine, the wires have not yet been straightened out. The episode is not yet online, however.

Here’s what Marcellas said (shrieked, really): “people are concerned … they [CBS] only want you to vote one time. That’s not the case. … You can vote as many times as you like online for whoever you like.” However, co-host Gretchen followed up with a disclaimer, saying, “there are systems in place” to ensure fair voting; she said “it will be equal, it will be a fair representation of who” America wants. Whatever that means.

Also, the source for my information above was a CBS spokesperson who declined to be quoted directly or named.

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